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Rick Dangerous
Lead treasure hunter Rick Dangerous around the world in a great port of the classic game. It's tricky but fun!
Puzzle Farter
You are a dude lost in time and space but full of gas. Fart your way to happiness and safety.
Flash Chess III
Chess is the sport of the gods. Classic, thrilling and ever lasting. Fun too!
The World's Hardest Game
Collect yellow dots and lead the red box hero to the green zone at the end of the level.
Spin the Black Circle
Spin the maze and lead the ball to the portal. Let gravity help you and avoid the spikes!
Black Jack
The most famous card game of the world. Try to get 21 but avoid getting above it.
Cursor * 10
Try to reach the 16th floor. An innovative game where you have to think in four dimensions.
Match up colored marbles in order to clear them. The more matches you have when you clear the more points you receive. There are various types of marbles that can either help you or hurt you.
Gravity Hook
In a secret base below the surface a civilian wonders how deep they are... Jump from mine to mine and try to reach the top.
Wizard Of Wor is THE action shooter of all times. 1 or 2 player action packed maze mania in this carbon copy remake of the c64 version.
Troll Karl and the Essence of Evil
A handcrafted blend of platform adventure and a role playing game. Fight your way through more than 25 levels to reach Evilius Krank!
Vermin InvasionHIGHSCORE!
You have been sent out to space to clean up the alien vermin. Warm up your energy gun, put on your armor suit and flame on!
Papa Louie - When Pizzas Attack!
Papa Louie is a pizza master. Find the monsters and give them a swing with your oven shovel!
Ultimate Flash Sonic
The Ultimate Flash Sonic experience. Choose from all the sonic characters and run like the wind.
Mario Star Catcher 2
Mario has a thing for stars. Collect them all!
Matrix Rampage
Survive as long as possible in this matrix inspired pixel fest! Take out the agents before they take you.
Kung Fu Master
A flash remake of the all time classic beat em up game Kung Fu Master. Your girlfriend has been captured by the evil dude, get her back! Make sure to beat a few midgets on the way.
Maggies Germy Roundup
You are Maggie. Collect germs on a string and go home.
Collateral Damages
Destroy buildings and fight the authority in this nicely done game.
Jetpack Stan
Stan the man is lost in a cave system. Help him find his way out using his jetpack! Collect fuel and keys while avoiding monsters and traps.
Brave Chicken
You are a brave chicken. Collect nice stuff and jump, that's about it!
Puppy Racing
Drive fast with puppies in this Mario Kartish racer.
Skeleton Park
The dogs stole your bones and without them you are nothing but a skull. Collect bones without being caught by the greedy dogs.
International Karate Plus
A nice looking flash remake of System 3's classic beat em up game.
Lemmings DHTML
A web remake of the brilliant Amiga game.
A classic action cardgame. Be quick and tactical!
3d Logic
Connect all colors by clicking the grey squares.
Playing With Fire 2
A dynablaster clone for 1 players and 1 to 3 opponents. Blast your way through the maze and be the last man standing!
Try to survive as long as possible in the room of terror. Highscore enabled!
The Blue Man
Help the Blue Man recapture the stolen feathers and save the day. 28 actionpacked levels featuring dozens of bad guys, quests and bonus-missions.
Rumble Ball
Rumble around with a ball.
A funny and addicting puzzle game. Gather creatures of the same kind in groups by turning their world.
Monoliths Mario World
A quite nice and faithful intepretation of Super Mario World. It's all about jumping and running.
A well made "shoot everything that moves"-type of game.
Metal Slug Flash
A very nice version of the great arcade action game Metal Slug.
Mario Tetris 3
Now you can play your favourite game (Tetris) with your favourite italian plumber (Mario).
Major Madness
Follow the trails of the Heimlich Manoveur group and shoot everything that moves.
Bubble Bobble the Revival
A flash remake of the classic game Bubble Bobble.
Turbo Spirit XT - Gold Edition
Climb on to your motorcycle and give it all you got. Fast action all the way!
Blob Wars
A fun strategic board game for one or two players.
Getaway Gun Run
You're a professional bank robber and you've got alot of black and white men on your tail!
A Blast
Shoot things with your spaceship.
Bomb Jack
You are Bomb Jack! Collect bombs and jump.
Alex Danger
Collect diamonds, jump on platforms and search for the exit.
Space Carrots
Rescue the lost carrots in space.
Leo Steel and the Aztek Gold
Run and jump.
Alien Hatchery
The blue guy has more work than he can handle. The alien mothers are producing alot of eggs and your job is to sort them so they can hatch.
Help your Flea friends get through the obstacles and reach the black hole of Flea dreams.
Nicky The Header
A curiously engaging game that defies type-casting. Keep the cat up in the air with your head and collect cat-fud and birds to move through all the levels and make an old woman very happy.
Tank Panzer Camel
Your a lonesome tank behind enemy lines trying to do some good! Oldskool topdown 2d action.
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