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Rick Dangerous
Lead treasure hunter Rick Dangerous around the world in a great port of the classic game. It's tricky but fun!
Puzzle Farter
You are a dude lost in time and space but full of gas. Fart your way to happiness and safety.
Flash Chess III
Chess is the sport of the gods. Classic, thrilling and ever lasting. Fun too!
The World's Hardest Game
Collect yellow dots and lead the red box hero to the green zone at the end of the level.
Spin the Black Circle
Spin the maze and lead the ball to the portal. Let gravity help you and avoid the spikes!
Black Jack
The most famous card game of the world. Try to get 21 but avoid getting above it.
Cursor * 10
Try to reach the 16th floor. An innovative game where you have to think in four dimensions.
Match up colored marbles in order to clear them. The more matches you have when you clear the more points you receive. There are various types of marbles that can either help you or hurt you.
Gravity Hook
In a secret base below the surface a civilian wonders how deep they are... Jump from mine to mine and try to reach the top.
Wizard Of Wor is THE action shooter of all times. 1 or 2 player action packed maze mania in this carbon copy remake of the c64 version.
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